Bullet Journal meal planning will take the chill out of that haunting question – What’s for dinner? I just made dinner last night, doesn’t that count for anything? Unfortunately, humans need to eat regularly, making providing dinner a “what have you done for me lately” kind of deal. If you happen to be the main chef in the household you are in a high-pressure job with a new deadline every day and unsolicited performance reviews around every corner. I feel you. But there is hope for the weary. My solution to everything? Planning! Which is why there is a Bullet Journal spread to answer every question, solve every problem and eventually bring world peace. ????✌ Creating a Bullet Journal meal planning spread will take the stress out of dinner time!

Meal planning every week has brought my Dinner Anxiety Alert Level down from Severe to Guarded. Here’s a collection of 14 different ways you can use your Bullet Journal for meal planning.

For those about to cook  – we salute you.


Bullet Journal Meal Planning Spreads to Die for

Meal planning spread with themed recipes for every day of the week.
Fantastic meal planning spread from Christina, she picks a food theme for each day of the week and a list of recipes!


Meal planning spread for a Bullet Journal listing breakfast, snack, and lunch ideas.
From the ladies over at Productive and Pretty! Perfect for moms on the hook for dinner AND school lunch!


Bullet Journal meal planning spread laying out an 8 week meal plan
From Boho Berry recording the details of an 8-week eating plan.
Bullet journal meal planning spread the records breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as recipe ideas for broccoli.
From Ann Le over at lifeannstyle.com. Using her bullet journal to list all the ways to cook a favorite food. So pretty and functional!
Meal prep ideas from Tiny Ray of Sunshine!
Beautiful spread by Grey and copper. Check out their work on Instagram!

Home Bistro Chef Prepared Meals

A meal list for meal planning with a bullet journal.
My own Bullet Journal with my Master Meal List! To learn more about creating a Master Meal List and why you need one, click here!
A bullet journal meal planning spread using post-its.
Little Coffee Fox uses her Bullet Journal to house a recipe bank! So creative and great use of Post Its!
I love Sublime Reflections list of family favorites! Great when you’re at a loss as to what to make!
Meal planning spread for a bullet jouranl with a shopping list.
Another beauty from Sublime Reflection. Fun and functional!


  1. Just cut and stuck the march spread in my brand new bullet journal… And I love it!! It’s the set up time that’s been holding me back since January so I’m super pleased to be able to purchase beautifully designed pages and just stick them in!! Thank you so much worth every penny

    • That’s awesome, Claire! I’m so glad you like them! Enjoy your new Bullet Journal!

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