November Bullet Journal Setup

It seems as the holiday season gears up so do our stress levels, am I right? There’s just too much to do! For me organizing my tasks in my bullet journal becomes absolutely essential! Luckily, I get an infusion of energy from the cool weather (since I so rarely experience it in the south) and I’m motivated to make a fresh start. So this month I’ve themed my November bullet journal setup with one of my favorite quotes ever.

” Life starts all over again when things get crisp in the fall.”

I hope this printable setup can help you have a productive and fresh November! You can print these pages out to use in your A5 size journal, or download them to use in your digital journal! So grab your handpainted watercolor planning pack below!

* If you’re looking for the fox themed cover page of November 2018, you can still get the cover page by signing up below!

Supplies I used to create these pages:

For a full explanation on each of these spreads and how I use them for monthly planning check out this post Monthly Planning 101: The Essential Bullet Journal Guide!

November 2019 Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

16 planning printables for November! Here’s what you’ll get in the November 2019 planning pack:

  • Watercolor November Cover Page
  • Quote of the month
  • Monthly Calendar
  •  Goals and Tasks Worksheet
  • Habit Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Gratitude Log
  • Memories Page
  • 4 Weekly Spreads

You can grab this entire setup by clicking here!

Watercolor November Cover Page

November bullet journal cover pageFor more info on Bullet Journal Cover Pages and why to use them, check out my list of Fall themed cover pages for your Bullet Journal!

November Quote of the Month

Bullet journal hand lettered quote.

Do you love inspirational hand-lettered quotes for your journal? Download my pack of 12!

November Monthly Calendar

Printable November calendar bullet journal

Need help planning your month? Check out Monthly Planning 101!

November Goals and To-do’s Page

November bullet journal printables

Here’s where you can organize all that shopping and cooking1 And hopefully plan a day off!

November Habit Tracker

Bullet journal habit tracker

For more info about Habit Trackers, check out The Best Habit trackers to Try Now!

November Gratitude Log and Memories Page

november bullet journal setup

November Circular Mood Tracker

I love the look of a circular mood tracker! The sun and the moon indicate morning and the evening, so you can get a comprehensive look at your entire day!

Bullet journal circular mood tracker

For more info about Mood Trackers, check out Amazing Mood trackers for your Journal!

5 Weekly Spreads

Bullet journal weekly spreads

Printable weekly spread

Five weekly spreads, one for every week in November!

Each weekly spread includes a section for your Weekly Schedule, To Do’s, Meal planning, Shopping list, a Tracker (for things like water intake, hours of sleep, etc), and a section for Next Week. At the bottom of the boxes for each day is a place to record the weather.

Here’s an example of how you can use the Tracker on your weekly spread.

For a full explanation of how to use the weekly tracker, click here!

And of course, I always have free stuff for my friends. I’m offering the November Cover Page, Quote of the Month, Monthly Calendar and  Goals and Tasks pages all for FREE!

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Perfect DIY Stickers

I highly recommend printing them out on these Avery shipping labels. I know, it sounds weird, but they fit absolutely perfectly in any A5 size journal (roughly 8×5). No wrinkled paper or awkwardly taped edges, just a smooth easy transition from my journal to yours :). They’re the perfect DIY sticker!

For more info on how to use an Avery Label as a DIY sticker, click here.

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  1. Your fox drawings are so cute! I love collecting free bujo printables for whenever I feel lazy or have no time to set up mine. Thanks for sharing that!


  2. Hey Sheena! As someone who’s fox obsessed I loved taking a look through your printables 🙂 November is the perfect month to do something like this. I bet you got a great reception for these.

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