I’m particularly excited for my 2020 bullet journal setup because this is not your average new year – it’s a new decade! Yup, the 20-teens are over and we are all officially old.

This supercharged new year is not just a time for setting your run of the mill goals. It’s a time to reflect everything that’s happened in the last 10 years and everything you want to happen in the next.

The best way to set yourself up for success in the new decade? You know my answer – start a bullet journal! My bullet journal setup 2020 is easy to download so you have everything you need to get started!

I’ve designed 3 packages: one for setting up your planner for the new year,  and the second for planning the month of January. The third is the big kahuna — you get every page of my Bullet Journal setup for both the year and the month to keep you ultra organized and successful in 2020!

Each pack comes with free printables, so be sure to scroll down and grab your freebies!

The 2020 Printable Bullet Journal Starter Kit

2020 printable bullet journal starter kit

Starting a new planner at the beginning of the year is all about setting goals and organizing your journal so you can keep track of those goals over time. So, I’ve created 12 pages to get you started with your planner and get organized the easy way!  Here’s what you’ll get in the 2020 printable Bullet Journal setup:

  • Hello 2020 Cover Page
  • Quote of the Year
  • 2020 Goals
  • Year in Pixels Mood Tracker
  • 2020 Calendex
  • Year at a Glance Calendar
  • Planner Key and Color Code
  • 2020 Future Log

I’ll walk you through each page of the 2020 Bullet Journal setup and explain how these layouts can help you have a great year.

Hello 2020 Cover Page and Quote of the Year

2020 bullet journal cover pages

I love using cover pages and quotes in all my Bullet Journal setups. They jazz up my journal and put me in the mindset for the new time period I’m about to enter. Moreover, they keep my planner more organized by creating a clear delineation between one month to the next — or in this case, one year to the next.

2020 Goals

Printable 2020 bullet journal goals

With this goal page, you can get detailed about each area of your life and what you’d like to accomplish. After all, we all wear many hats. For example, I’m a Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Career Woman, Homemaker,  and a Spiritual and Physical being. Stephen Covey calls these your “roles” in his book First Things First. Write the role or area of your life on the ribbon and then outline a goal for each.

Pro tip: Be specific! General goals are too easy to ignore. Furthermore, vague aspirations leave you aimless. Therefore, specificity keeps you from getting overwhelmed and helps you concentrate on one thing at a time.

Year in Pixels

a year in pixels bullet journal printable

My favorite spread in my 2020 Bullet Journal setup is definitely A Year in Pixels! I’ve been interested in trying this spread for a while now but I was intimidated by the layout. Certainly, drawing 365 boxes is a bit of a time suck. But, in the end, you have a spread that you can use all year long!

How does it work? The principle behind A Year in Pixels is simple. First, decide on your colors and fill in the key on the side.  Second, assign a mood to each color. On the left, each box represents one day.  So, at the end of each day, you fill in the box with the mood that was most prevalent that day. Finally, by the end of the year (or even just after a couple months) you have a beautiful rainbow record of your moods over time. In short, this helps you identify patterns and it’s a great reference on which to reflect.

Year at a Glance & Key

bullet journal spread — key and year at a glance

Here we set up the structure of our 2020 Bullet Journal setup with a Key and a Year at a Glance calendar. Using a key, you can customize your journal to your own needs. Defining your icons (✔, ✘, ●, ◯, →, & c.) means you keep your planning sessions quick and efficient. Further, a color code enables you to see at a glance what you need to do.

A Year at a Glance calendar is incredibly convenient for future planning, but a real pain to write out on your own. Don’t worry, I’ve done the work for you! Just print and stick, and you’ve got reference page you’ll refer to again and again.


A Calendex is a really neat layout that enables you to see every event for an entire year — all in just one spread! The boxes represent every week of the year. The dates sit along either side and the months along the top. So, when you receive info about a future event, you can subsequently write the info on your daily page.

Then, flip to your Calendex and find the date of your event. Each date has 4 available boxes, so you can schedule multiple things per day. In one of the boxes on your date, fill in the page number of where you’ve written the info for that event. Voila! This spread functions as both a Calendar AND an Index of your planner!

As convenient and cool as this spread is, it can be tedious to draw out on your own. So, that’s why I’ve done the work for you! All you have to do is download and stick.

Printable bullet journal calendex

Future Log

Future log

bullet journal starter kit future log

The future log is an index of future events that require no explanation. For instance, this would include birthdays, holidays, and standing appointments/events that you don’t need any extra info on. Of all the spreads in my yearly Bullet Journal setup, I think the future log is the one that keeps me the most organized.

What about you? Are you ready to finally get organized and rock 2020? If you are, I’m offering this whole package in my shop! Click here to get the 2019 Yearly Printable Bullet Journal Setup! »

And as always, I’m giving away some freebies. Most importantly, I want to make sure my readers are set up no matter what — that’s why you can pick up the turquoise Hello 2020 cover page, and hand-lettered Quote of the Year for FREE!

2020 bullet journal cover pages

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January Printable Bullet Journal Setup

January bullet journal printables

I’ve also created a huge pack of 13 planning printables for January! Here’s what you’ll get in the January 2020 planning pack:

  • Hello January
  • Quote of the month
  • January Calendar
  • January Goals and Tasks
  • Habit Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Gratitude Log
  • Memories Page
  • 5 Weekly Spreads

Hello January & Quote of the Month

January bullet journal cover pages

Not only do these fun spreads organize your journal by sectioning off each month, but they also give you some monthly inspiration!

January Calendar, Goals, and Tasks

January bullet journal calendar

This month I’ve updated the monthly calendar to include sections for all-day events, A.M. appointments, and P.M. appointments. In addition, the weeks are delineated so you can see at a glance how your month is shaping up.

And, there’s a section for adding what’s coming up next month so you’ll be prepared for everything.

January Habit Tracker

January bullet journal habit tracker

A habit tracker is one of the most useful spreads you can have in your planner. Certainly, it makes it easy to keep track of habits you want to form over time and hold yourself accountable. In short, it’s perfect for keeping up with all those New Years Resolutions!

Mood Tracker

January bullet journal mood tracker

Mood trackers give you a visual of your moods for the whole month. Additionally, they allow you to identify patterns and triggers, so you can take more control of your emotional life. First, fill in the boxes below with the moods you want to track and pick a color for each. Then, at the end of each day, fill out the section with day’s number on it with your mood. By the end of the month, these are super pretty and informative!

January Memories Spread and Gratitude Log

Bullet journal printables

In addition, you can keep track of experiences you want to remember with the Memories page. Fill in what you’ve been reading, watching and listening to. These are a nice record to have when you flip through your old journals.

A Gratitude Log is a great way to practice mindfulness in your daily life.  Thankfulness is key to a healthy mind and soul.

Printable Weekly Spreads

Bullet journal printable weekly spreads

Finally, this month’s package comes with Weekly spreads — one for every week in January. Each weekly spread includes a section for your Weekly Schedule, To Do’s, Meal Planning, a Shopping list, a Tracker (for things like water intake, hours of sleep, etc), and a section for your next week.

For example, here’s how you can use the Tracker on your weekly spread:

bullet journal weekly tracker

Assign things you want to track over the week, for example, water intake, sleep, exercise, & c., and write those along the bottom. Next, pick a different color for each. Then, put a dot under each day up to the amount you accomplished on the number scale. For instance, you see in the example on Monday I drank 6 glasses of water. As far as exercise goes, Monday I didn’t get a lot, so on a scale of 1-10, I gave it a 1.

These weekly spreads are the life’s blood of not only getting more organized but also staying that way. Consequently, weekly planning is the way to stay on track with your new year’s resolutions. I’ve taken all the prep work out of it. In short, you can simply download, print, and stick in your journal!

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And of course, I can’t let you walk away without freebies. So, I’m offering the Hello January, Quote of the Month, January Calendar and January Goals and Tasks pages all for free!

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2020 Ultimate Combo Planning Pack

Do you want it all? Ready to launch 2020 in style? Save money with the Ultimate Pack, and get all 30  pages to start your year off right!

The Ultimate pack includes:

  • Hello 2020
  • Quote of the year
  • 2020 Goals
  • Year in Pixels
  • Calendex
  • Key and Color Code
  • Year at a Glance
  • Future Log
  • Hello January
  • Quote of the month
  • January Calendar
  • January Goals and Tasks
  • Habit Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Gratitude Log
  • Memories Page
  • 5 Weekly Spreads

Man, that’s a lot of pages! So, if you’re committed to getting organized and crushing your goals in the new year, click here and grab this 2019 Ultimate Planning pack! »


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