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In my bullet journal, playlist spreads are an essential part of my monthly spreads. What are Playlist spreads? Playlist spreads are when you write a list of your favorite songs of the month, or year or really any time. Its fun looking back at your playlist to see what you were listening to at the time. One of the things I love about Bullet journaling is that instead of those boring spreads you see in a pre-made planner, you can make your planner look very aesthetically pleasing. So lets dive in!

My April bullet journal setup was a collaborative effort this year. With the whole world shut down due to the pandemic, I find my self an accidental home school mom. Lucky for me, my 15 year old daughter happens to be quite the artist and with no where to go and nothing to do, interning for mom doesn’t sound half bad.

So this month’s calendar, mood, and habit tracker is brought to you by the fabulously talented Sofia – I mean look at this, she’s awesome, right?!

Bullet journal bee theme

You can print these pages out to use in your A5 size journal, or download them to use in your digital journal! So grab your watercolor planning pack below!

This past year has been a catastrophe, so don’t feel ashamed if you didn’t accomplish as much as you wanted this year. Each new beginning brings new opportunity. A new start has been well overdue which makes me especially excited for this new 2021 Bullet Journal Setup! 2020 really showed us how quickly a situation can turn. I know one of my personal resolutions will be to enjoy every moment I can. I plan to search out new experiences and adventures and keep track of them all here in my Bullet Journal with you all! The best way to set yourself up for success in the new year? You know my answer – start a bullet journal! My bullet journal setup 2021 is easy to download so you have everything you need to get started to journal along with me! I’ve designed 3 packages: one for setting up your planner…