The flavor of the summer is finally here! The votes have been tallied, and my people have decreed: ” We want a Strawberry Daiquiri! ” Unfortunately, mailing a frozen cocktail across state lines is frowned upon – and probably messy. But, I’ve got the next best thing. This strawberry hued Bullet Journal Kit is as delicious as your favorite summer cocktail. (Suggested use: sip said cocktail while gazing lovingly at your new journal set.)

The Strawberry Daiquiri Giveaway

The power of a boozy perfect plan is just a click away. This Bullet Journal Starter Kit has everything you need to get you on the road to planner peace. This starter kit includes:

strawberry bullet journal giveaway

How to Enter

You may be asking yourself, how can I get my hands on such a delicious journaling set? How do I enter? Tell me! TELL ME NOW!

Guys, it’s okay. This berry delicious Bullet Journal Kit is up for grabs for one lucky winner!

I want everyone who has ever had contact with Sheena of the Journal to have a chance to win this beauty. So I have good news: everyone who voted in the Flavor of the Summer poll is already entered to win! But if you missed your chance to vote, or just want to up your chances to win, enter below!

There are 5 ways to enter. You can do just one, or up your chances by doing all 5!  Everything you need to know about entering is in the form below. This kit is up for grabs for 1 week only! The giveaway will end August 17th @ 9 pm Eastern Time. (Pro tip: check out the point value next to each entry option. That’s how many extra entries you’ll receive with each one.)

Good Luck, my friends!

*UPDATE : Sadly, this contest has ended, but don’t worry. I’ll be running another in the fall with brand new colors! If you’d like to pre-enter to win, click the Subscribe Now button on the side!


  1. Melisa Munoz Reply

    super awesome!!! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂 My email address should get me some brownie points lol

  2. I love it! I really think my 11 year old daughter would adore it!

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