Sofia Maglione


Carrying around a giant pencil case and bulky Bullet Journal can get old really fast. This is what makes digital Bullet Journaling Apps so great, you can have your planner at your finger tips wherever you go! I’ve compiled a list of apps I think work really well for a digital Bullet Journal! Advantages of Digital Planners Environmentally Friendly- Throughout my years of Bullet Journaling, I have gone through MANY notebooks; some of which aren’t even complete. Rather than wasting paper, digital Bullet Journaling gives a more eco-friendly option. Although, some journal companies work toward helping the environment! Here’s one of my favorites.Easy to fix mistakes-Once pen is on paper, it cant be erased. But with Bullet Journalling Apps, you can edit whatever mark you make!Easy to Organize-All of the apps in this list have features to help you organize your spreads and lists to more easily navigate your journal.…