Do you want to improve your handwriting, but just don’t know where to begin.? All those practice sheets looking like a lot of extra work right about now? Well, I’ve devised a 28-day challenge that makes it fun and easy to improve your handwriting in just one month!

Introducing the Bettering with Lettering Challenge! Live now on Instagram!

hand lettering 30 day monthly challenge instagram

Join the community of thousands on Instagram and let’s get better together!

Here’s how to join

It’s simple and easy to participate. All you have to is :

  1. Read the prompt for each day.
  2. Hand Letter your answer on paper or notebook you’ve got lying around.
  3. Take a pic.
  4. Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #betteringwithlettering!

And that’s it! Check the hashtag to see inspiration from all the participants and get ideas and tips for your lettering practice. I’ll be checking the hashtag frequently and featuring entries on my Instagram page! You could be my next feature!

And don’t worry. If you miss a day, or two, or five it’s no biggie! Follow the prompts every day for some serious hand-lettering practice or just pick and choose the ones you like at your leisure! This is a no pressure challenge, designed to help us all get some practice and get to know each other better in the process!

Click here to see all the latest entries and get some inspiration!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! See you on Instagram!


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