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I’ve been a part of the journaling community for a few years now. In this community, we share ideas, techniques, and best of all, our pages. I’ve seen thousands of different layouts from hundreds of different people. Being the psychology nerd that I am, I’ve unearthed some patterns. While everyone’s journal is unique to them, your personal style will usually fall into one of six categories.

What’s your Bullet Journal style? I’ve designed a super fun, fast and easy quiz to help you discover where you fall on the Bullet Journal spectrum. Click below and discover your planner personality!*

We all have a daily routine whether we know it or not. Our daily routine is a combination of all of our habits, good and bad, that form the structure of what we do consistently every day. Your daily routine has a powerful effect on how successful, healthy and happy you are, which is why it’s imperative that you have a good one. But developing a healthy routine isn’t easy. How can you create a daily routine you actually WANT to stick to?

This week I am currently buried under a mountain of school supplies getting my 3 kids ready for back to school! Luckily, the talented Marlena from @apenandapurpose offered to share her bullet journal wisdom! She’s applying her training as a licensed psychologist to show how you can use a bullet journal to change your habits! Let me introduce you guys to Marlena and I’ll let her take it from there!

Marlena is the blogger behind, where she writes about using journaling for self-improvement and reaching goals in life and business.  Using her experience as a licensed psychologist, she teaches people how to break through negative thoughts and fear to do what matters.

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September has arrived and here’s hoping that sweater weather will quickly follow! In my neck of the woods, visiting the apple orchards and filling up a basket with freshly picked apples is one of those classic September weekends – hence my apple theme foe the month!

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Bullet Journal Ideas I know we can all feel uninspired and unproductive at times when bullet journaling. I know I do, and then I stop bullet journaling for a while and my life goes crazy. Bullet Journal ideas aren’t always easy to come by. But sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get motivated again! I hope you guys feel inspired by these bullet journal ideas. So, lets get started! Print Out Pictures to Put In Bullet Journal This is one of my favorite things to do in my bullet journal! Other than it looking aesthetically pleasing, you can also print out pics that you took and memories. To print those cool ” aesthetically pleasing ” pics, just do a Pinterest search, save the image to your computer, put It in A word document, then print! source: unknown source : @sweethorizans Add Some Cute Doodles I think this…