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When you first start using a Bullet Journal, Its easy to get confused by all those kooky symbols and icons. Dots, circles, X’s, Squares – what does it all mean? And why does it make you more organized? A Bullet Journal Key is the answer and part of what makes the bujo system so superior to other planners. But what is a Bullet Journal key? In this post, I’m going to explain exactly what a “key” is and why you need one! Already a Bullet Journal expert? Scroll down to see tons of creative examples of Bullet Journal keys!

Bullet Journal Fitness Trackers to Get In Shape Fast!

Spring is here which means bikini season is just around the corner. A time of year when women over the age of 25 everywhere feel that panicked flutter in their hearts and reach for the dumbells. A bullet journal fitness tracker can be just the thing to help you stay motivated and lose weight faster.

Me personally? I’m just a girl..standing in front of a salad. Asking it to be 3 tacos, queso dip, and a double margarita.

Whatever you’re torture of choice may be, spring usually comes with the all the panicked motivation you need to get in shape fast. As a planner geek and Bullet Journal enthusiast, my favorite part of this yearly ritual is – you’ve got it – tracking it! After all, what’s the fun of sweat and starvation without a good OL’ checkmark at the end of it? None at all, I say. None at all.

I love November. Its one of my favorite months of the year. I love the cozy vibes and fall leaves. Its the perfect month got get cozy with a blanket and spend quality time with your family. I cant believe that November starts just next week! Its about time to start thinking what your theme is going to be for your November Bullet Journal theme. So here’s some November Bullet Journal Theme ideas. Sweater Weather November Bullet Journal Theme Does anyone know the song “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood? This theme reminds me of that song so much. source: amandarachlee source : @plintced This cover page is available as a printable! Grab the instant download here! Coffee Cup November Bullet Journal Theme So cozy! source: amandarachlee Woods November Bullet Journal Theme This is one of my favorite November Bullet Journal themes. Its easy and simple, but also represents November pretty…

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September has arrived and here’s hoping that sweater weather will quickly follow! In my neck of the woods, visiting the apple orchards and filling up a basket with freshly picked apples is one of those classic September weekends – hence my apple theme foe the month!

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